How Can QR Codes be Useful in Digital Marketing?

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It wasn't that long ago that QR codes and digital marketing wouldn't have been seen as the best fit. One was seen as yesterday's news while the other positioned itself at the leading edge of digital activity.

QR codes were first designed in Japan in 1994. But they failed to capture the popular imagination after initial interest. The pandemic has changed all that. QR codes have been essential for public health support and for the hospitality industry.

The widespread adoption of the QR code has highlighted its inherent benefits as something that can bridge different digital platforms and collect vital data.

It turns out that QR codes are useful after all. More than this, they can add significant value to your digital marketing campaigns.

What Can QR Codes do for Digital Marketing?

The QR in QR code stands for quick response. When it was first developed, this technology centred on the concept of a simplified code that links easily to other forms of information.

QR codes are highly versatile, whether for tracking data, directing users to specific sites or platforms or providing rapid links to information.

This versatility makes QR codes a natural fit for digital marketing because this discipline uses such a wide variety of channels to communicate its messages.

Marketing Applications for QR Codes

Digital marketers can use QR codes to:

  • Direct users to websites or landing pages
  • Offer customer discounts
  • Enable customers to subscribe to newsletters
  • Send messages and emails
  • Encourage users to download apps
  • Pinpoint physical locations of businesses and retailers
  • Direct customers to social media pages.

But QR codes are also useful tools in managing marketing campaigns. You can improve how you track your campaign and measure engagement using QR codes.

With QR code generators, there are detailed tracking metrics, enabling you to track information in real-time.

By tracking your digital marketing metrics in this way, you can:

  • Understand and define your target audience
  • Discover whether this audience has engaged with your marketing material, products or services
  • Measure whether enhancements to a website have increased its online traffic
  • Guide and tailor your strategy and make decisions based on solid information
  • Expand Your Marketing Reach

The spread of QR code usage now means it is a technology in popular use across a variety of applications. This should enable you to tap into something already established as common behaviour among different target audiences.

People use QR codes to make mobile payments, access restaurant menus and interact with a wide variety of services. This provides plenty of opportunities for digital marketers to explore the potential of QR codes.

Generating QR Codes

Another attractive aspect of QR codes is the ease and rapidity in generating them.

You can generate and use a QR code in these simple steps:

  • Choose your QR code generator
  • Decide on the type of content you wish to promote
  • Enter this data in the form for generating the code
  • Test the code to make sure it scans
  • Share and distribute it
  • Track and analyse your performance.

Static and Dynamic QR Codes

A static QR code cannot change once you’ve created it. It contains fixed information. Typical uses for static codes include email and text codes, and these types of QR codes do not gather any tracking metrics. 

On the other hand, you can edit a dynamic QR code after you’ve created it. This makes them practical digital marketing tools with a broad range of applications.

For example, you can use a dynamic QR code to collect customer reviews, which you can use in your digital marketing.

Using a dynamic QR code, you can:

  •  Track the number of scans
  • The time the user is scanning the code
  • The location
  • The user’s device type.

Plus, you have the flexibility to edit your URL whenever you want. You can also update all your dynamic QR codes at once.

You can also customise dynamic QR codes, giving them a brand-appropriate appearance.

Don't Be Fooled by the Familiar

The need to embrace innovation shouldn’t blind you to the benefits of more familiar means of supporting your marketing activity. The QR code is no longer yesterday’s news. It’s today’s expert digital marketing tool.

For more details about dynamic digital marketing and the best way to maximise your resources, please contact us.


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