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Tetra Pak is the world's leading food processing and packaging solutions company working closely with their customers and suppliers to provide safe food. The brand has been focusing on sustainability and working on innovative ways of incorporating it into all aspects of their processes. Tetra Pak are on a journey to become more sustainable and want to take their consumers along with them on their journey, by sharing their efforts and educating them on environmental issues.

For the second year in a row, Appetite stepped in to help them spread and promote their sustainability message, by merging Tetra Pak’s commitment to the environment, with Appetite’s expertise in web app creation and marketing. 

We developed games accessed through connected packaging, and created social media assets to support them.

“The team effectively managed the relationships between their two clients actively offering up suggestions to reach the maximum potential in the development. Because of their effective communication skills, they were able to deliver a professional, fully-functioning solution. They have ideas and expertise that pushed us toward the best end product. Instead of blindly following our brief, they gave us feedback to benefit the collaboration. They were also very flexible, allowing for personal, quick service."
Susanne McKinley; Marketing Manager TetraPak


Tetra Pak wanted to inform consumers about their sustainable packaging efforts in a fun and engaging way through gamification that was both entertaining and educational. In order to ensure engagement, we also needed to drive awareness to the products in stores where the QR code would be available to be scanned, providing access to the games.


We developed a gamification platform that was fun and educational about Tetra Pak’s sustainability efforts and practices. The themes were “Renew”, “Reduce” & “Recycle”, with 3 games related to these topics. The games were all hosted on one URL, so every time someone visited the url by scanning a QR code, it would randomly and automatically load a different game; guaranteeing a different experience for every visit. We also created sets of social media templates to generate awareness about the games and to educate consumers on Tetra Pak’s sustainability.

1) Pairs: Memory game where users had to find all the matching images and pair them up. Once all pairs were found, players were then shown a fun fact about sustainability.

2) Growing Forrest Quiz: Questions testing knowledge about sustainability. The aim was to add more trees to the forest, and so, whenever the player would answer a question correctly, he or she would see a tree growing. Once the quiz was completed, users were shown a fun fact about Tetra Pak’s sustainability.

3) Roulette wheel: Players would spin the wheel reflecting the 3 themes “Renew”, “Reduce”, “Recycle” and wherever the wheel would land, players would be quizzed about that specific theme, having to answer 4 different questions. At the end of the game players would see a fun fact, with the choice to: share to Facebook or Twitter, Play again, or Click for More Information (taking them to the website).

Social Media
We made 2 sets of social media templates for them:

The 1st set was about the games, using the fun facts, and the game branding:
We created sets of 3 images that could be used as banner or carousel formats - showcasing the games, how to access through the QR code and some facts about sustainability with engaging images.

The 2nd set was created with the aim to educate consumers that the games existed, share environmental facts, demonstrate how to access the games on the side of the packages, and to educate about Tetra Pak’s sustainability. The posts included some of the fun facts and questions from the games such as “How is a beverage carton properly disposed of?” and “What is the CO2 footprint of a common Tetra Pak® packaging?”


Tetra Pak wanted to find ways to integrate their products while educating consumers about their sustainability efforts. Appetite achieved that through connected packaging, by creating games that were found through the scanning of QR codes on the Tetra Pak packages. To create awareness about the games and sustainability, we also produced social media templates to be shared on Tetra Pak’s social channels. 

In total we delivered Tetra Pak the game design, game development and build, social media assets and access to an admin dashboard that can be used for data collection. Our results have been quite impressive and we only expect them to grow. So far we have achieved 43,397 scans on packaging, 49,584 users played the game, which lead to 513,951 website page views with 2:00 min average time spent on the page.


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