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Founded originally in 1907, Swiss dairy company Emmi AG has an impressive history preceding its current status as a market leader in value-added dairy products. They are a Swiss brand and thanks to their patented production process, Emmi can produce milk without the lactose but with just as much taste. True to the motto "Give up lactose, not pleasure", good day from Emmi offers high-quality, lactose-free dairy products.

The dairy company has teamed up with leading packaging company Tetra Pak to promote the launch of two new products, Oat  & Milk Drink and Balance Drink, to their successful good day rang, via interactive digital advertising and connected packaging, in an attempt to be one of the first on the market to continuously engage with consumers digitally, whilst also educating their key audience about the benefits of their range and their new Emmi good day milk drinks. 

We have developed three personalized games for this campaign.

I’m very satisfied, the campaign was very great. This is also reflected in the numbers, we have many more users which took part in the competition. I can definitely recommend Appetite Creative.

Amir Maslic, Senior Product Manager at Emmi


Emmi wanted to raise the profile of two existing products, the High Protein Milk Drink and Milk Drink, in addition to promoting the new products.
Their goal was to communicate that good day is the lactose-free brand from Emmi, and that these milk drinks are made of completely natural milk ingredients - containing less sugar and fat than regular milk.

Also, the brand wanted to emphasize near their target audience that good day milk drinks really taste like milk, as opposed to the majority of other brands’ milk drink products.


In order to help Emmi achieve their goals, Appetite Creative came up with the implementation of QR Codes on the Tetra Pak packaging of Emmi good day’s recently launched products. Once consumers entered the experience, they would be randomly able to play any of the 4 interactive games.

One of the four games - Emmi Flip - resembled the famous Flip the Bottle challenge, as the users were challenged to continuously flip the Emmi good day milk until they reached 80% less sugar than a conventional milk.

We also created the Emmi Fall Game, where users would have to try to catch the falling Emmi products gaining points for each one collected and losing points every time the sugar was mistakenly caught.

The third was a Tinder-style personality quiz to find the user’s perfect Emmi product. At the end of the quiz, the user could get a discount code for that product.

Finally, we developed the Emmi Jump game where users would have to jump higher and higher in order to collect Oat & Milk along the way while avoiding the sugar.

To support this campaign and raise awareness of the chance to scan and win prizes and discounts, our team of designers and video editors also developed social media assets. Video ads and animated graphics were created and posted on Facebook, YouTube and Google Ads.


The outcome of this refreshing and innovative campaign, launched in September 2020, was positive for Emmi and Tetra Pak. 

During the four months the campaign was live, the games were played a total of 45,897 times making it a huge success in the brand’s home country, Switzerland.

From the 215,568 total page views collected over the four months the campaign was live, the users spent an average time of 1 minute and 41 seconds. Also, the market research style questions such as ‘Are you actively avoiding sugar in what you eat and drink?’ or ‘Is the sugar content of a product important to you?’ were answered more than 50,000 times, helping consumers learn more about the natural ingredients of the Emmi good day products and providing the company with insights about the users making this connected packaging project one of the most disruptive and successful of 2020!

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