Transcend Packaging and Appetite Creative take tactical and digital printing to the next level

Published by Santiago Martinez

Transcend Packing is committed to two new marketing trends: tactical packaging and digital printing. With our new partnership with Appetite Creative, we are now able to go a step beyond and really enhance our tactical and digital print offering thanks to connected packaging.

This  new way of printing differs from traditional offset printing due to the following characteristics:

- Prints can be personalized by adding names or images that connect directly and emotionally with the customer without increasing costs

- The powder inks that are used pollute the environment considerably less

- Print tests are much cheaper and more environmentally friendly

- The quality is almost indistinguishable from offset prints

- This printing method works on a large number of materials and surfaces

- It is recommended for print runs between 500 and 1000 copies.

Our partnership with Appetite Creative allows us to further enhance our work that now defies the normal restrictions of space on packaging or label printing. Our tactical printing services now offer the ability to create connected experiences through the use of QR codes or augmented reality filters. This technology converts the packaging into a powerful marketing channel, revolutionizing the way brands use and see their packaging. 

Through this partnership, digital loyalty cards are now possible, collecting real-time market research data, and real engagement, offering brands the opportunity to connect directly with the end consumer. Opening a two-way conversation, a gateway between brands and their consumers. Brands have the opportunity to showcase new product features, sustainability goals, games, quizzes, videos, create AR experiences, and much more, all in a GDPR compliant manner. This rich GDPR compliant first party data allows for a much better understanding of consumption patterns and general characteristics of the consumers; essential information for the development of future campaigns or new products. With this technology, brands can expect an average of 20% increase in sales, 3 minutes of engagement time, and to nurture a much more direct and valuable relationship between them and the consumer with interactive and educational content and experiences.

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