The evolution of playable ads:

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With the increasing use of mobile devices, advertising is also adapting to the current trends. One method of these adaptations is playable ads. But what exactly are they?

Let's go into detail:

Playable ads are interactive experiences that through gamification help brands promote apps services and products.

The gaming industry is using playable ads to get users a first impression of the software and can test it before buying or downloading. Quick demos aim to convince people to download the app.

Other sectors are also trying to find ways to evolve and profit from this innovation. For example, Starbucks adapted to their growing audience’s needs by offering interactive experiences and gamification.

Therefore, they approached Appetite Creative to develop a game, focusing on a specific demographic to showcase their new coffee flavours.

One of the main benefits of playable ads is that they reduce the uninstallation rate because users are targeted and can get a clear idea of what to expect when they install the app. It also allows app developers to identify behavioural trends and gather data to help optimise marketing campaigns or the main game. For example, the target group can be defined more precisely.

To use playable ads correctly, follow these tips:

  • When developing the concept, consider the trends and which games are popular at the moment. Don't forget to check the most downloaded ones on the App Stores.
  • Consider the target group when choosing the playable ads, and don't forget to analyse the data collected after the campaign.
  • After the campaign, everything must be optimised based on the analysis, and the data must be prepared for further use.
  • To learn from the first experience with a playable ad, the strategy should be repeated in an optimised form.
  • Be honest with your ad. Don't show mechanics or actions that your game can't do.

The problem with playable ads is that they are complex to create. But this is not a problem; our pro team of developers is here to help. Contact us HERE, and we will start right away.

We have already created playable ads for our clients in previous projects. If you want to read more about it, check out this case study and learn about our project with Baggl.


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