ScanTrust and Appetite Creative bring marketing to the verification game

Published by Santiago Martinez

Scantrust and Appetite Creative are partnering up to open up the world of marketing opportunities for brands to get to know their customers in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Scantrust is now offering, thanks to their secure QR codes for anti-counterfeiting and to Appetite Creative, a new way to connect with audiences all over the world. With the simple incorporation of personalized QR codes on the packaging of products, now it's possible for old and new Scantrust clients to open a two-way gateway and enable the collection of GDPR-compliant data, create connected experiences with marketing purposes, and even give the customer access to valuable information such as nutritional data, AR, games, quizzes, videos, or even the correct way to dispose of the product ecologically.

QR codes and GDPR-compliant first-party data allow for a much better understanding of consumption patterns, preferences, and general characteristics of the consumers; essential information for the development of future campaigns or new products. Inevitably, 20% increase in sales, 3 minutes of engagement time and nurture a much more direct and valuable relationship between them and the ever-changing digital landscape. With this new partnership, not only are brands and clients receiving valuable data around their authentication and counterfeit, but with Appetite Creative the marketing and branding possibilities are limitless, allowing brands to be physically present in their customers' journey creating stronger bonds with consumers while nurturing their databases with incredibly useful information that will surely improve their future marketing and branding strategies.

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