New French packaging rules threaten food exporters with huge fines

Published by Appetite Creative

UK's food exporters face heavy fines after France recently introduced a new packaging law. 

According to the trade department, the government initially warned British exporters of the new rules in October last year. From March, all pre-packaged food sold in France has to be labelled with its country of origin, as well as the lot number, weight and ingredients. 

This is a serious issue for UK exporters as they face costly fines of up to €15,000 per product line if they fail to comply when shipping food from the UK to France post-Brexit. Experts fear that food exports from the UK to France could be seriously affected by the new laws, leading to costly losses for exporters. Without a derogation or a special agreement with France, food producers in the UK face costly fines that would weigh immensely on their business. 

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For now, the best advice for food exporters is to ensure they are aware of the requirements and start to prepare for them as soon as possible. This means ensuring their labelling is up to date and they have all the necessary paperwork ready to go to comply with the regulations when it comes to shipping food to France. Overall, Brexit presents a significant challenge for food exporters in the UK. Failure to comply with the new packaging regulations from France could result in hefty fines, which could put immense strain on businesses. 


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