How can packaging be more sustainable?

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Sustainability is the key to creating a world that is environmentally friendly. Industries and businesses play an important role in ensuring a sustainable future for the planet. Brands are embracing recyclable, reusable packaging made from renewable or biodegradable materials. 

One of the best solutions for sustainable business is to provide products with connected packaging, which is known as a creative solution to the needs of brands and customers.


Connected packaging is a sub-concept of smart packaging, a current technology trend that helps brands connect physical experiences with digital experiences, from gamification to coupons, to deliver a specific message or create a special experience for the target audience. This opportunity can build brand loyalty and collect valuable data for brands.

On the other hand, connected packaging is a way to reduce the amount of packaging, leaving less space for information. In this approach, connected packaging is a great way to communicate about the brand's sustainability efforts and provide any information that is not printed on the package itself, including what to do with the product when it is used up and where the nearest refill stations are located. Recycling can now be fun, understandable and rewarding.

Connected Packaging offers solutions that use various tools such as QR codes, barcodes, or image recognition to give each product a digital identity. They are often connected to an app or an official landing page that provides consumers with information about the brand and the product itself, improving communication while providing relevant data for both parties. 

Connected packaging is also an important tool for brand protection, traceability and the combat against counterfeiting.


Why you should choose sustainability as a brand

The new generation of customers are more willing to choose a brand with environmentally friendly concerns.

44% of European consumers would pay a price premium for a product with sustainable packaging, mostly millennials and generation Z. 

While it may seem lax, creating a connected experience through packaging is not as expensive as you think. It can be customised for any budget.

Even sustainable packaging can actually be cheaper than your current packaging in many cases because it's more economical in its use of materials.

Our world cannot tolerate continued overconsumption and sustainable packaging is part of the solution to saving the planet for our children.

Last but not least, new regulations are coming your way. Protecting your business now against future potential taxes and laws can save you a lot of money in advance.


At appetite creative, we can provide you with new ideas to create your next connected experience through packaging on any budget.

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