Different types of advertising and what they're for

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Advertising is part of the promotional mix and often the most visible aspect of marketing. It enables you to reach your audience through targeted media channels and to communicate with potential customers on a broad scale.

It is about spreading the word, telling and selling a story so that people know, trust and remember the brand.

Through words, sounds, and pictures, advertising can appeal on an emotional level that goes beyond pure functional and rational benefits. It's about what and how you say something to make people feel a certain way.

There are different types of advertising where the coverage, the costs and a call to action are taken into account.

  1. Newspapers 📰

Newspaper advertising is an old form of print media that allows you to promote your business and reach a broad audience. To decide whether and how newspaper advertising is appropriate for your business, you should consider the target group's geographical coverage and profile.

  1. Television 📺

Advertising on television is ideal for reaching a large market in a great geographical area. It offers the unique advantage of combining image, sound, motion, and colour. In addition, it is a powerful tool for building an emotional connection between customers and brands to drive them to action. Because of its broad reach and high cost, television advertising is not a good option for many small businesses.

  1. Radio 📻

Radio advertising allows you to focus on a specific region or area and convey your brand's personality through sound. It is essential to repeat the message of the advertising frequently, so the listeners remember them.

  1. Offline 🏙️

Outdoor advertising is a way to engage with potential customers when they are outside. There are three different environments:

- roadside, for example, on billboards or bus stops

- transport, for example on trains or buses

- lifestyle, for example, in shopping centres or gyms

Remember that the message must be concise with a solid call to action.

  1. Online 📱

Online advertising offers a highly targeted and extremely effective way to attract new customers. This is important as most customers research online before making a purchase decision. The channels and formats will depend on the online behaviour of your potential customers and the goals you have.

Advertising can help to achieve your marketing goals. It is an efficient and effective way for the business to get noticed, be understood, simulate action, and achieve results.


Nowadays, there are many new possibilities in the field of advertising, for example, Connected Packaging. It refers to the addition of “triggers” to physical packaging that allows consumers to access digital content from digital devices using QR codes or NFC technology. Connected Packaging offers brands the opportunity to extend the product experience and transform passive products into experiential and interactive touchpoints. The ulterior motive is to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

What to learn more about Connected Packaging? Check out our case study with Juver HERE. The connected experience was focused on educating users about the ingredients and the importance of protecting the environment by letting them play a quiz, and a game to win prizes and learn.
If you are interested in creating your own connected experience, get in touch with our team HERE, and we will be happy to work with you.


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