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We combined both digital and outdoor strategies by sending invitations both online and offline, directing the Vodafone audience to the stores to be involved in the latest treasure hunt in a shopping centre near them.

Users needed to then race around the shopping centre to find the 4 clues. Each clue revealed some new information about the new X-plan such as free music streaming on weekends something relevant to the target market in question.

The interface of the web app, ensuring user experience was put first - making the app straight forward and easy to use by all customers.

We built and developed the augmented reality app from scratch, allowing users to go on the treasure hunt by scanning QR codes and receiving clues within the app.

We carried out extensive testing on the augmented reality web app in order to ensure smooth sailing for customers on the day of the treasure hunt. Key GDPR compliant data was collected around operating systems, contract end dates as well as useful CRM data.


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