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Our challenge was to come up with a more creative and innovative way for PepsiCo to handle their recruitment process. We wanted to help PepsiCo achieve the goal of getting a more diverse and innovative creative thinking audience.

All games are fully animated, dynamic and come with a countdown timer, forcing users to battle to rack up the points while fighting against the clock.To gain more points, candidates can also use the web app to scan the Barcode on various PepsiCo products (limited to one product per day) and take selfies using our customisable selfie filters.

On the other side, we created admin accounts which allowed PepsiCo access to a dashboard which gives a clear and thorough overview of the platform as well as the ability to award extra points should they see fit.

These games help PepsiCo to source a much more diverse range of candidates and do not just rely on the traditional CVs. This results in a recruitment process that is not only more fun and engaging but also attracts a much larger and diverse pool of talent while providing them with information about the brand.

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