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J2 Aircraft Dynamics

j2 Aircraft Dynamics is a UK-based company, established in 2006, that sells its own proprietary software, the j2 Universal Tool-Kit, a proven application in several areas including Aircraft design, Building of Dynamic Flight Models, Flight test risk assessment, planning and data matching, and Air accident analysis, among others.

We improved j2 Aircraft’s products’ visibility by developing the custom WordPress website as an engaging, responsive and visually attractive digital brochure from which all services provided by the brand could be seen. Another priority was to align the website’s new look and feel with the new brand guidelines we created. This included a new colour palette, new typography hierarchy and an updated brand logo, creating a consistent, yet at the same modern website which could enhance the customer’s journey. Contributing to the user's experience, we have also added a section for customers to register and access further information, as well as a portal that includes downloads and a client discussion board. j2 now have a much more friendly UX for their different audiences to navigate and a modern-looking, lead generating website.

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