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We were treated to the delightful sight of various Rum Shacks popping up all over the world. From London to Sydney Bacardi offered a private beach-inspired shack space to eat, drink and relax with friends, family, and colleagues. Decorated with bamboo, palm trees, floral prints, and non-stop summery vibes, the shacks were the perfect spot to bring some sunshine to the day – all in the name of rum! 

Using Bacardi’s branding, we created the app that kept on giving. A gorgeous looking, perfectly functional experience that included a host of thumb engaging activities such as personality tests to find your perfect serve and the fact of the day. There was also the rum roulette, which gave every user, once per day the opportunity to win a and redeem at your nearest participating bar. We designed the wireframes, user interface and graphic elements to create a stunning and engaging application. The web app was built and developed to contain many different functions to choose from. Built-in conjunction with Shazam to work seamlessly together. We created a dashboard which seamlessly collected engagement user data whilst being GDPR compliant.


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