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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media is a relatively new world. Allow our teams’ vast experience and knowledge of social media management to guide you through the process. What makes our social media marketing services unique is our proven ability to combine the power of social media with social data to maximise ROI. For each and every social media campaign, we are proud to provide our clients with the perfect mix of social media services to deliver results that far exceed their expectations. We can help you build the right content strategy, create the right content you need to engage, grow followers and take care of community management.

Appetite Creative’s social media management service is composed of a selection of sub services implemented to ensure optimal results. 


Social Media Audit

The first step we take is to conduct an in-depth social media audit of our clients’ social media pages. This allows us to truly understand your audience: who they are, where they are, when they are connected, and more. This information is key to know how to properly target them and increase our chances to reach them. In this audit we also learn what engages your audience by analysing the best and worst performing posts, so we can offer the most optimised content.


Social Media Strategy Development

Once the audit is complete, we move on to social media strategy development. Here we put into context all the insights we acquired and create a social media strategy designed for your brand focusing on your desired goals (i.e. grow audience, increase engagement, drive conversions, etc.). This includes deciding the channels, days, times, topics and any other relevant information we want to share with your followers. It is worth nothing that a great social media strategy can also boost your SEO presence by using relevant keywords, content and copy.


Content Creation and Posting

We have a talented team of in-house designers who can create diverse content for you such as videos, GIFs, images and much more. We make sure that any piece of content is carefully crafted with your brand image in mind. In addition to creating the content, we can also make your life easier and post it for you so you have one less thing on your hands!


Social Media Advertising

If you are interested in implementing social media advertising to your strategy, or already have an ad campaign and wants help maximising results, we can definitely do that for you. Paid ads can help to amplify and increase the reach of your organic social media campaigns.. We have experience with a wide array of ad formats that can help boost your results.



We have experience using all major social media platforms. We would choose networks based on them fitting the goals of your strategy and audience.


  • Facebook.

    If you already have a social media presence, it is likely that you are present on Facebook. Facebook marketing is relevant due to its impressive number of active users, currently over 2.7 billion. This means that whoever your audience is, they probably already are on Facebook, and we just have to reach them.

  • Instagram.

    Instagram is an extremely visual platform and this should always be top of mind when developing an Instagram marketing strategy. For many brands, Instagram will be the first interaction with a potential customer so it is crucial to cause a great first impression. Your Instagram feed should reflect your brand’s identity and transmit authenticity to your followers.

  • Twitter.

    Twitter is a fantastic platform to share quick and short messages. That’s why it is so popular as a news outlet and it’s also a great place to engage with others in the same industry. We can help incorporate a Twitter marketing presence in your social media strategy.

  • LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn is the go to platform for businesses, especially B2B. It’s where you should share all news related to your company and share content relevant to your sector. It’s a space you can connect with industry leaders and keep an eye on what competitors are up to. We have helped several brands successfully grow their LinkedIn presence which resulted in more engagement and leads.

  • YouTube.

    YouTube is the second most popular platform in the world which makes it valuable to incorporate it in your social media marketing strategy. Videos are a great way to engage your audience beyond using static images. YouTube can also help massively increase your reach due to it being the second largest search engine in the world. We can help you create dynamic and captivating videos!

Why Appetite Creative?

Appetite Creative is a multi-award-winning creative technology company who connects brands with their audiences and has a passion for bringing advertising to life, and what better way to connect than through social media? Our teams of social media experts and designers are dedicated to our clients, with open and constant communication. We work with you to maximise your potential and deliver the best results.

Our Process


Here we start with a kick-off to look at what you are trying to achieve. Build a community, drive sales, raise interaction? We will study your competitors and analyse results from previous campaigns and incorporate current trends to build a winning strategy.



Having built the strategy we will build a monthly content calendar. The content will be interactive with a range of images, gifs and short videos all but around the strategy built in the previous phase.



We use several tools to ensure that your social media performs as we expect it to. We offer several services around community management, analytics and reporting to ensure that your social channels go from strength to strength.


Social Media Marketing
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"Extremely happy and proud of this project…! When great people come together, amazing things happen! Let’s keep rocking!"

Gloria Fernandez Polin, Squirro Marketing Executive

Let's Talk.


Will you do the posts' performance analysis for me?

Yes, we offer services of monthly reporting on your social channels analytics to ensure that we are optimising your future posts based on the data from the analytics.

Will you help me define a strategy for my social media presence?

Whether you are trying to build a community, drive sales or raise interaction, we will study your competitors, analyse any existing analytics and look at current trends to build a winning strategy.

Do you work with TikTok?

Of course, we are always up to date when it comes to the newest trends!

I want to use bots to get more followers, can you help me with that?

We can help you get more followers, any way.

Which social media networks do you work across?

We can help you with Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. We can help with your social media strategy, post creation and community management.

How do you report on the performance of the social media campaign?

If we are in charge of posting the content for you, our social media team will take care of creating a monthly report based on analytics to show you how the social media campaign is progressing.

Will you find a target audience for me?

Yes. In addition to your expert knowledge on who your audience is, we can also find it through your current social media insights. We will also review your competitors to get a better idea of how your audience behaves and how they are being targeted by them.


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