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We deliver effective, global, branding and digital advertising solutions, banner ad production services across the EMEA, Americas and MENA regions. Combining a flexible, agnostic approach with our unique tech solutions and ad-serving technology, our team of expert designers and marketers will help you deliver audiences to store, high levels of engagement through unique formats, gamification to drive better messaging and levels of brand uplift and interaction.

Using the most up to date technologies, we can create ad formats that go beyond your standard banner! Our custom ad units such as liquid skins allow rich formats to be served as programmatic advertising or direct advertising and drive results. Do you want to drive conversions, leads, clicks or engagement? We will not only identify, design and create the right solution for you and your brand but also deliver results.

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Rich Media Ad Types

With the increasing number of platforms where brands can advertise their products and services, a wider range of ad formats has been developed in order to meet the requirements for the most diverse campaigns companies wish to launch. That is why in Appetite Creative, we have invested our efforts in developing multiple types of display ads, interstitial ads, banner ads, video, playable ads and rich media ads among many others. Scroll down to know more about some types of ads we can produce.

Liquid Skins

Our Liquid Skins are fully responsive like no other skin company. There are a variety of options and functionalities. With or without video, with Hotspots, with Sticky headers or complex animations and many more versions!

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A real Skins product for mobile which balances evenly editorial and commercial teams, by having a product which is high impact yet non-intrusive as the mobile skin has two phases and switches to a header and footer plus bug/flag as soon as the user interacts with the page. 

This format works well for any client looking for high impact formats takeovers but at scale, and even works programmatic especially on mobile high impact formats on mobile. This allows a takeover solution across networks and devices!

Here is all the info you need for our own proprietary Liquid Skins product.

Most unique - a real Skins product for mobile which balances evenly editorial and commercial teams, by having a product which is high impact yet non-intrusive as the mobile skin has two phases and switches to a header and footer plus bug/flag AS SOON as the user interacts with the page.

Most Importantly - through one tag our skin will automatically readjust to the site dimensions and ensure the skin is served correctly with all the correct branding and CTAs in the right place.

This format works well for any client looking for high impact formats takeovers but AT SCALE especially on mobile high impact formats on mobile...

This allows a takeover solution across networks and devices! 

Animated Banner Ads

Any digital display unit that shows some sort of movement is an animated ad. Since it contrasts with the static text displayed on common websites and social media platforms, this type of ads can generate greater ROI for your business. We can create brochure ads, playable ads all within our animated ad formats.


Video Ads

If a picture paints a thousand words what does a video do? Everyone has a couple of video ads that are stuck in their minds for years! In Appetite, we have the brains behind the most creative ad spots, ready to work for your brand. 

360 Banner Ads

Our fantastic team of designers are capable of creating 360 ad experiences, providing your website visitors’ an unique journey, regardless of the device they are using. These are usually cost-effective solutions that can increase your reach, engagement and click-through rates. 

Playable Ads

Users love to have some fun while watching an ad. So give them what they want! You can incorporate a call-to-action in the ad, at the same time that you are engaging with your customers and providing them with a unique and enjoyable ad experience. Gamification on average engages our brands consumers between 2 and 3 minutes!

Whatsapp Ads

We all know that we are all spending way too much time in instant messaging apps, chatting with our friends and family almost 24/7. So take advantage of that, and place your brand’s USP right in front of your customers’ eyes, while they are surfing on their WhatsApp conversations. 

Why Appetite Creative?

Appetite Creative has developed expertise in creating the newest, most innovative and effective ad formats. We were the first agency in the world to run WhatsApp ads for Pandora and British Airways, and we have collaborated with UBS, LG or Mini Cooper, creating Questionnaire units, liquid skins for too many brands to count and mobile interstitials, playable ad units and gamification ad units for our clients digital campaigns campaigns.

Ideation and Design

Here we can help with concepts and responses to briefs. We help identify the objectives of your campaign: drive conversions, leads, clicks or engagement and offer the correct ad solutions to achieve those results. We support in the pre-sales process with mocks and ideas, case studies and brainstorming. Everything you need to get the right ad format for your project.



We develop ad formats in 3-5 days. We develop for all screens across all platforms. We have our own unique rich media ad formats that get hugely improved CTRs including our liquid Skins which allow skins to be traded programmatically. Our development process results in a preview link in which you can see how it looks before we create the tags. We also support all third-party tracking tags, IAS, MOAT and alternative adserver tracking just send it all over.


Launch with Analytics

Our ad formats can go live through our own adserver or we care certified to develop in any adserver of your choice. These tags can be served programmatically or direct. We collect all the analytics so you can see how your campaign performs. Time, interactions, impressions and CTR.



Once the ad campaign is launched, we are able to help you optimise it. From changing the CTA, to adapting the language used to reach your audience or adopting a different colour scheme, we can help your brand’s ad campaign achieve its highest potential.


Ad Formats
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""I was impressed by the flexibility to customize the products without being confined to rigid build frames.""

Co-Founder, MacDonald Media International

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What if the ad campaign you developed does not meet the goals? Can you guarantee results?

Ad campaigns rely on many levers and although the creative has a large influence, there are also influencing factors such as the media placements and the target audience. We guarantee that our ad will work as expected from a functionality and creativity point of view.

How long should I wait until I see results from your ad campaign?

Our tracking is in real time so you will see the data in real time, of course it depends on sample size, we would expect to see robust performance figures in the first few days.

What networks will my ads be shown on?

Our ad formats can go live either through our own adserver or any publisher side adserver of your choice. These tags can be served programmatically or directly.

I already have a campaign running for my business. Can you help maximizing its results?

Yes, we can help your campaign reach its potential.

Can you connect my website directly to the digital ad?

Yes, definitely! And include any third party tracking you may require also!

How long does it take for you to develop ad formats?

3 to 5 days.

Can you help optimise my ad campaign?

Of course we are here to help your ad campaign as successful as possible.


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